The basket is the perfect metaphor for Cedarroot school as we launch a scholarship fund. 

The upright spokes, or wefts, represent the structure of our school:  instructors, administration, insurance, outreach, the beautiful ecosystems of the peninsula.  The weavers, or warps, represent all of those who participate (ages womb-84 were represented in 2017). 

This great community basket holds the knowledge, wisdom and skills that were ecologically honed over eons while living on planet Earth as a human.  Increasing the resiliency of our basket, requires us to include all humans who honor time adapted rural skills and knowledge.

Currently some community members would like to participate as a weft in our basket but can't because of their financial situation.  The warp of our school is financially solvent because of our tuition, this means that through our tuition we can fairly compensate our instructors for their talent, cover the operating expenses of running a school and continue to offer important classes for all ages.  However, our small scholarship fund last year revealed several students that were previously excluded (right now we have students outside participating in our Nature Study Youth Programs even though they have: a single mother in graduate school; or a father who was caring for an ailing spouse; or a mother waiting for immigration papers from her husband).  

We want to add more learning opportunities, reach a larger community, offer our classes at affordable rates and compensate our teachers fairly. 

To do all of this we are asking for your help.

Please consider a donation to CedarRoot School, in whatever amount you can manage.  All donations are tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 27-3566407), so your donation is fully tax-deductible.   To make a donation, you can click on the Donate Now button below or mail a check to:  CedarRoot Folk School :: PO Box 253 :: Nordland, WA 98358

Thank you for your interest,  your support, and your belief in our vision for the future.